VLOG: Photos, Poetry & Good Eat’N

VLOG: Photos, Poetry & Good Eat’N

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Vlog: Photos, Poetry & Good Eat'N


**Some Events are Previously Recorded.

In this Vlog, take a journey with me!
Me and my friends are being ourselves and living carefree!

Some of the language and content may not be suitable for some audiences.

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Shoe Lover: Thigh High Cutout Heel Boots

Hello Everyone..

I fell in love again ya’ll. I took the shoe game by storm once again.

You’ll soon realize that boots and booties are MY thing.

These thigh high heel boots are sleek, comfy and mighty fine.

To watch these boots in action. Click here.


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Dress in Confidence

-Nisha McGee

#NowPlaying: Nicki Minaj – Favorite



Nicki Minaj ft Jeremih - Favorite
Nicki Minaj ft Jeremih – Favorite

I just wanna be somebody, that can add to
Your wife, be a friend, be a teacher and a fan too
I just wanna listen
When you leave I say “damn, I fucking miss him”
I just wanna be your vixen
Give you something real wet, to put your lips in
I wanna be the only one that can check you, and still respect you
Cause it’s you I would change for, you always make sure

-Nicki Minaj – The Printprint Album

What excites you about your industry?


I possess the ability to create a desired look, from make believe, into a complex vision. It intrigues me to organize individual looks to manifest an era in time or fantasy.

I am a lover of most things, but what interests me the most are ensembles! I’m talking about anything from beauty, hair, clothes, food, travel and lifestyle.
Being absorbed in the “material” world as some may call it is my LIFE.

Yep, I enjoy the feeling of styling a client. To experience the excitement of their excitements is priceless. My philosophy is, “Pursue whatever doesn’t cause you pain.”

So tell me, what excites you about your industry?

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Beauty: Purple Smokey Eye

Purple Eyeshadow Trends
Purple Eyeshadow Trends

I’m a big lover of the color purple. I love to apply purple eyeshadow on my eyelids to create a smokey eye that’s great for day and night looks.

How To Create A Purple Smokey Eye

1.) Start with a Base Eyeshadow Primer

2.) Apply Purple Eyeshadow(s) onto lids and blend

3.) Apply Dark Brown Eyeshadow to the crease and outter corner of eyelids.

4.) Apply liquid eyeliner and 2 coats of mascara.


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